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In Memoriam: The Duke of Edinburgh

The members of Brook Street Unitarian and Free Christian Chapel extend our deepest sympathy to the Queen and the Royal Family on the loss of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who faithfully supported her in her role as Head of State for more than 70 years, as her consort. As a faith organisation, we remember his work for environmental concerns when this was far from fashionable, and his role in the 1980s in encouraging the world faiths and environmental organisations to work together to promote conservation and sustainability.

 May he rest in peace.


In Memoriam: David Bowen- a much loved Knutsford man

Alex was very sorry to receive a phone call from Lynne and Richard, on Friday 9th April, to say that David Bowen, Jessie’s husband has died, at 91 and a half years old. He and Jessie had been married for 35 years. He had a shop for many years in Knutsford and was well-known and much loved in the town. The family hope to hold a joint memorial service for him and Jessie at some  point later this year, when everyone has had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated, and  things return to normal, and we no longer need social distancing and masks, etc.

May he rest in peace.


UPDATE – Services in April

 Our services continue to be well attended with numbers around the 20-30 mark. However, please continue to keep at a distance, wear a face covering and not mingling after services. We realise that many people will not wish to attend for  the time being and devotional services are available on YouTube.
Please be careful to maintain ‘social distancing’ and remember to bring a face covering. Thank you!


Our services this month are on:  

April 4  Rev Alex Bradley-Easter Sunday

April 11 Rev Jean Bradley – ‘Keeping things simple’ (with readings from the Bible and from Robert Fulghum)

April  18  Rev Alex Bradley

April 25 Rev Alex Bradley 


For more details, please ring the Minister on 01565 754 465, or 07518 842 635 OR email him on