Worship & Activities

Hall Bookings 

Our hall has grown significantly in popularity and is now almost fully booked by regular users including:

Pilates  (www.pilatescheshire.guru)
Photographic Society (www.knutsfordps.org.uk)
Actor Tribe (www.actortribe.co.uk)
Gaskell Society (www.gaskellsociety.co.uk)
Rock Choir (www.rockchoir.com)

These bookings provide an excellent income that helps with the running costs of the Chapel.  They also  help to make more people aware of our wonderful buildings and hopefully some might be intrigued enough by Unitarianism and Free Christianity to come along to a service or two.

Chapel Diary


Every Sunday at 11.00am
Enjoy Tea, coffee, biscuits and a chat after Sunday Service. The chapel is known for its friendly atmosphere and so you will always receive a warm welcome, friendship and support.


A sermon sample from our former Minister, Rev Jean Bradley

As a society, we don’t like to wait. Technology has ensured that we don’t have to delay any pleasures or activities. We don’t wait for the seasons anymore, if we want strawberries in December we can have them, if we want a particular flower for a flower arrangement, we can import it in even if it is the wrong climate for this country.

We do still have to wait for birth, yet we can plan the date and time when it is most appropriate and if a woman wants a child when she is past child bearing age, that is also possible.

Society offers instant products and in consequence will also tend to think that everything can have a quick fix solution. I believe that this quick fix attitude is very harmful for my own life experiences have taught me that things that happen quickly don’t often last. For we have to adjust and adapt to change even if it is what you want. And I think faith is like that too, we cannot have a quick fix faith.

If we have a religion that tells us everything will be alright as long as we join, that is a false faith, for none of us can say what will come into our lives. We all have to face misfortune or ill health at some point in our lives. That is part of being a human being.

We cannot be given a faith, just like we can’t be given good health or a permanently happy life.

If we want to have a healthy body, then we must care for it, exercise and eat the right kind of diet, and this is a life time plan, not a quick fix.

If we want to have a faith, we must also have a life plan. The major component is to be able to love, to love God and each other. And this is often more difficult than cutting out the cream cakes or making ourselves go for a run. Yet when we make a commitment to a faith, we can change our lives, not quickly but very slowly, as we develop more understanding towards each other, more compassion and a far happier state of mind which doesn’t want or need a constant supply of material goods.

Love is a gift from God, we must try to see the potential of loving, to see it as a personal obligation. To make it our ideal so that it is part of our very being.

Can you find the time to be happier, can you give yourself time to be at peace with yourself and all those you know. Can you? Or do you prefer the quick fix?

Rites of Passage

Funerals and Celebration of Life
The planning of a funeral may be one of the most difficult tasks that a family member or friend may have to do. Our Minister will help share the burden of loss and create a service which honours and celebrates the life of the deceased with calm sensitivity.

There are no set rules or regulations to the funeral service, so the family may choose music, readings or a setting that reflects the life of their loved one.

This ceremony is the final farewell and is important, therefore, it is planned with care. The minister will visit you as often as necessary, as well as keeping in touch both by email and telephone. Your sense of loss is recognised and pastoral support will be offered during this difficult time.

The minister will also conduct memorial services and services for those who were not able to attend the funeral of a loved one who may have died abroad.

If you wish to discuss any query please email the Minister Rev Alex Bradley on .

Christening or Naming
Brook Street Chapel holds an open-minded view of Baptism. We believe that by bringing a child for Baptism, we as a community of family and friends celebrate the life of that child. We ask for God’s blessing on both the child, his or her parents and the God parents. It is a time when the parents and Godparents make a commitment to welcome the child into a loving and safe kinship, offering protection, teaching right thinking principles and being honoured as a valuable person. We also respect those who prefer to organise a naming ceremony rather than a baptism or Christening. We have no restrictions on the number of Godparents or sponsors. The Minister wishes to meet both parents and Godparents before the ceremony to ensure that all those involved are committed to their role.

A variety of music, readings, gifts or symbols can be used for the ceremony and each service is unique to each family.

If you wish to know more, please email the Minister Rev Alex Bradley on .

Brook Street Chapel are very proud to offer a beautiful venue for weddings. Our three hundred year old building with its simple beauty is a wonderful backdrop for all the wedding finery and can help create a day that the happy couple will never forget.

The minister creates a unique service for each couple. The couple may wish to write their own vows, give gifts to each other during the ceremony, use candles or other symbols. It is also important that we find the right music, readings and theme for the day. The families of both bride and groom can also be considered for the part they can play on the joyful day.

Each wedding is personal for each couple. The minister sees the importance of spending time in discussing all the details that allow their wedding day to be a happy and relaxed occasion. We also offer opportunities for Wedding Blessings and renewal of vows.

We make no distinction between those who have previously been married, nor between those who have a particular faith or no faith affiliation.

The Minister will be pleased to conduct a ceremony of blessing and celebration for all loving relationships.

All people are welcome. Please email the Minister Rev Alex Bradley on .

Special services

We have various other special services during the Christian year. We celebrate Easter, Pentecost, Harvest and have a special Remembrance Day Service. Communion Services are held four times a year and are open to all who wish to participate. In the lead up to Christmas, our Carol Service, is a special highlight with a brass ensemble and a choral group – not to be missed! Then on Christmas Eve itself, we have a candlelit “Midnight Service” at 11.30 p.m. which has its own special atmosphere. We look forward to welcoming you!

Chapel Activities


Our ‘Friendship Group’ meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 2pm running from September to April. It is open to both men women of all ages and our meetings are generally well attended by members, guests and friends.

If you come to  Friendship Group meetings, this does not imply in any way that you will be expected to attend chapel worship, or commit yourself to Chapel life,  although, of course, you would be very welcome to do so, if you wished!

We enjoy a variety of speakers and occasionally games afternoons. Something for all ages and tastes.

We have supported a variety of charities in the past, and intend to continue to do so, probably giving preference to locally based ones.

We enjoy an interesting year with various speakers, ranging from Holistic therapies, ‘the history of hats’, talks on local history, makeup demonstrations and ‘flog it, learn about antiques‘. We usually have an annual summer lunch in May and a Christmas lunch in December- the Christmas lunch welcomed fifty members and friends last year!

As you would expect, friendship and friendships are the most important aspect of our group. Not only do we enjoy working together but we keep in contact with those who are no longer able to attend. We offer a warm welcome to everyone and believe in making each stranger a friend!

For more information, please ring either Ann Clayton on 07986 731433,

or Barbara Bayley on 01565 388349,

or Maureen Fraser on 01565 634328