Minister Alex’s thoughts

Dear Friends,

Our service last Sunday (22 May) was overshadowed by the news of the loss of two much loved people in our spiritual community, Barbara Bayley, and Peter Curtis.We send our loving thoughts and prayers to their families and loved ones.


Our service next Sunday will be conducted by Francis Elliot-Wright from our Sheffield District. Francis has taken worship for us before and so we look forward to welcoming him once more.

We also look forward to warmly welcoming youwhether you are a ‘regular’, a newcomer or a ‘seeker’.
Our postcode is WA16 8DY, and the chapel is on the rise, opposite King Street and the railway bridge. For anyone with limited mobility, access can be had through the hall doors (by the bus stop).



At the height of the Covid crisis (not that it has entirely gone away by any means) many people expressed the hope that the threat of the pandemic would make us kinder to one another. I think it did that in very many cases, but it is easy to forget good intentions when the crisis is over. I think that that is what the spiritual life is all about. Our faith can act as a constant, gentle, reminder of what is important in our lives, and encourage and support us to concentrate on the essentials. It is so easy to be diverted by ambition, a desire to ‘get on’, and to accumulate more possessions, whereas the teachings in the Bible and other spiritual works remind us that we really have a limited time in this world and that what really matters is love and kindness to one another.

Our worship in chapel is a time of peace and calm reflection but it is not an escape from the world but rather an opportunity to recharge our mental and spiritual batteries, so to speak, for the days ahead. Our prayer can comfort us, where comfort is needed (and sometimes we certainly do need strength and comfort) and it can strengthen us in our will to go out to do our best to make this world a better place for our being in it. Every drop of water is needed to make up a mighty ocean. Jesus reminds us that what matters is to love God and to love our neighbour as ourselves. It is a kind of spiritual ‘three legged stool’. Just as a stool needs each leg to remain upright, so we need to care for others, look after our own needs, and look to that greater reality that we call God, for the strength and grace to do what is right.

 Pentecost, or ‘Whit Sunday’ falls on June 5th this year. It is often called ‘the birthday of the Church’. The story reminds us of how the spirit of love and goodness can energise us, as it did the disciples, to go out and bring their message of hope and joy.

 Our chapel family is a small part of that great movement of love that seeks to make a difference for the people around us. We look to the things of the spirit in order to make a practical impact for good in this world. May our prayers, our faith, and our actions, make that difference.

Minister Alex


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