Brook Street Chapel


You are warmly welcome to our services and events, whether you are a regular, a newcomer or a seeker – this Unitarian and Free Christian chapel welcomes you!

We believe that Christianity is a way of life, rather than a creed or a system of doctrine. We believe there are many different paths to God, and so are open to the insights and wisdom of other faith traditions.  We invite you to join us on our journey of faith, each of us with our own viewpoints, but united in love and service to others.

Our postcode is WA16 8DY, and the chapel is on the rise, opposite King Street and the railway bridge.  For anyone with limited mobility, access can be had through the Hall doors (by the bus stop on Adams Hill) where there is a lift up to the level of the Chapel. 


Sunday Services (start at 1100am) 

Rites of Passage (Funerals, Weddings, Christenings etc)

Unitarian and Free Christian Faith


Special events 

Hall Bookings

Tuesday coffee mornings

Wednesday Friendship Group

Brook Street Heritage Site

Grade I listed Chapel

Elizabeth Gaskell Exhibition Room in Chapel Hall

Gardens and Graveyard (Elizabeth Gaskell grave)

Brook Street Chapel History

Elizabeth’s Family

Elizabeth’s Life in Knutsford
How Knutsford life influenced her writing

Past Chapel Activities

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Services are on Sundays at 11.00am – everyone is most welcome to join us.