Brook Street Chapel


Hall Bookings 

Our hall has grown significantly in popularity and now has a number of regular users including:

Pilates  (
Photographic Society (
Actor Tribe (
Gaskell Society (

These bookings provide an excellent income that helps with the running costs of the Chapel.  They also  help to make more people aware of our wonderful buildings and hopefully some might be intrigued enough by Unitarianism and Free Christianity to come along to a service or two.  If you are interested in booking the hall email; or ring Alan on 01565 634992.

Heritage Open Days – ‘Creativity Unwrapped’ 15-17 September

We once again supported the national Heritage Open Days  by setting up displays in the Chapel about present day creativity and creativity since the Chapel was built around 1690.

Opening times:                      Friday 15 September:      11.00 – 15.00

                                                        Saturday 16 September: 11.00 – 15.30

                                                        Sunday 17 September:     12.30 – 15.30

Displays included information about why the Chapel was created and stories about people and places associated with the Chapel over the years since it was built.   Elizabeth Gaskell had strong links with the Chapel and her grave can be seen in the Chapel graveyard.  She was the first women to write about the problems of life for workers in cities like Manchester in Victorian times.

The Elizabeth Gaskell Heritage Room on the first floor of the Chapel Hall has a permanent display about Elizabeth Gaskell’s life and her novels which was also open.

Display in Knutsford Library – Unitarian Inventors

In September 2022 we set up displays in the Chapel in support of the National Heritage Open Days – see Past Events section for more details.

The displays showed some of the work and background of 12 Unitarian Inventors (see pictures below).

How many of these can you recognise??   Three of the inventors are now on display in Knutsford library. 

The selection of inventors on display in the library will be changed periodically over the coming months.

Regular Chapel Activities

Come and join us for ‘the cheapest and friendliest coffee in town’! 

The Elizabeth Gaskell Exhibition Room on the first floor of the Chapel Hall will also be open for visitors.

(Entrance on Adams Hill, opposite the railway station car park, and by the bus stop- press button on right hand side to open the doors)

Postcode for satnavs: WA16 8DY

Talk on Manchester Art Gallery
Our ‘Friendship Group’ meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 2pm running from September to April.
It is open to both men women of all ages and our meetings are generally well attended by members, guests and friends.

If you come to  Friendship Group meetings, this does not imply in any way that you will be expected to attend chapel worship, or commit yourself to Chapel life,  although, of course, you would be very welcome to do so, if you wished!

We enjoy a variety of speakers and occasionally games afternoons. Something for all ages and tastes.

We have supported a variety of charities in the past, and intend to continue to do so, probably giving preference to locally based ones.

We enjoy an interesting year with various speakers, ranging from Holistic therapies, ‘the history of hats’, talks on local history, makeup demonstrations and ‘flog it, learn about antiques‘. We usually have an annual summer lunch in May and a Christmas lunch in December- the Christmas lunch welcomed fifty members and friends last year!

As you would expect, friendship and friendships are the most important aspect of our group. Not only do we enjoy working together but we keep in contact with those who are no longer able to attend. We offer a warm welcome to everyone and believe in making each stranger a friend!

For more information, please ring Ann Clayton on 01565 651727